Latest Developments in Science

Latest Developments in Science


So many remarkable things are happening in the Science and technology world.Considering the developments in Science we can not neglect Nanotechnology.Nanotechnology is the process in which unique phenomena enable novel applications.The most important requirement for the nanotechnology is that the nanostructure has special properties that are exclusively due to its nanoscale proportion

Nanotechnology-Next Really Big Small Thing

It is the technology in a miniature form.It is the combination of Biotechnology,Chemistry,Physics,Bioinformatics etc.It is derived from two words Nano and Technology.A nanometre is a unit of length in the metric system equal to one billionth of a metre.Technology is the making,Usage and Knowledge of tools,machines and techniques in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function.Today Nanotechnology regards as a revolutionary technology that can help address key needs relating to energy enviornment.Nanotechnology deals with understanding and control of matter at dimension of roughly 100nm and below.Worldwide there has been an increasing interest in Nanotechnology as evident from the rising trends in investments and policy initiatives directed towards this end.So it is regarded as a revolutionary technology.Nanotechnology interventions could enable the successful development of renewable energy. It has several applications in F&B,Bio tech,Forensic Science,Genetics,space research,enviornment industry,medicine,agriculture & teaching.It expands its area in different fields such as Nanoelectronics,Nanomaterials,Nanobiotechnology,Nanomedicine,Nanopharmacology and Narcotics.We have seen the developments of nanotechnology in our day to day life itself.Such as Titanium dioxide,Silver,Zinc dioxide.Also the durability of materials are increased by utralising the advantages of Nanotechnology.Some of them are given below

Bandages infused with Silver nanoparticles,Video games and personal computers,Tennis balls to last longer,golf balls to fly straighter,bowling balls to become more durable and had a harder surface.Some of the interventions include water purification,detection of contaminants and waste water treatment.The likelihood of adverse impacts to enviornment and human health as well as consumer and worker safety exists along the life cycle of nanoparticles.However risks from nanotechnology based materials and products would depend on the nature of impacts and the degree,stage and duration of exposures.That is in some cases the nanoparticles would reach various parts of the body where they may exert adverse effects

The emergence of Nanotechnology in India had witnessed the engagement of diverse set of players , each with their own agenda and role.Nanotechnology in India is a government led initiative.Nanotechnology R&D barring a few exceptions is largely being ensued at public funded Universities as well as research institutes.


Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter in an atomic,molecular and supramolecular scale.It will increase our standard of living.Now it provides Courses at both UG & PG.But after considering the vast world of nanotechnology I have a suggestion that the Government have to include the basics of Nanotechnology from secondary school level onwards.