Latest developments in Nano technology

Nano Technology is the science of the extremely tiny. Nano technology is the understanding and control of matter at diamensions of rouhly 1 to hundred nano meters unique phenominainable novel applications. Nanotechnology is unbelievably minisule. It is so small that even the most power full conventional microscope cannot see it. The term “nanotechnology” has evolved over the years via terminology drift to mean “anything smaller than microtechnology,” such as nano powders, and other things that are nanoscale in size, but not referring to mechanismsthat have been purposefully built from nanoscale components.Recently, the Foresight Institute has suggested an alternate term to represent the original meaning of nanotechnology: zettatechnology.

American Chemical society invented that nanoparticles could boost effectiveness and reduce side effect of Alergy Shots. Researchers report the development of a potentiality bettler allergy shot that uses nano carriers to address these unwanted issues.

Semiconductor nano crystals are tiny, nanometer sized particles with the ability to absorb light and reemit it with well defined colors. With low cost fabrication, long term stability and a wide platele of colors, they have become a building blocks of display technology, improving the image of quality of tv set, tabelts, and mobile phones . Exiting semi conductor, nano crystals applications are also emerging in the field of green energy, optical sensing and bio imaging

Researchers designed a new type of nano carrier based on the bio compatible molecule that releases its cargo only in targeted immune cells. Researcher say this approach also could used for vaccines or immune therapies for other conditions such as cancer or aids

New research puts as closer to DIY spray- on solar cell technology. A new study puts as closer to do it. Your self spray on solar cell technology. Promising third generation solar cells utilizing a nanocrystal ink deposition that could make traditional expensive silicon based solar panels a thing of the past.

Nanotechnology is currently being used for a wide variety of application and more than six hundred nanotechnology enabled consumer product are on the market.